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We focus on the production and sale of kitchen and bathrooms products

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At UR Kitchen and Bath We R the first and only place you need for Kitchens and Bathrooms in your home.
In our showroom our friendly and very knowledgeable team are ready and waiting to help you.
UR Kitchen and Bath is the friendliest, most affordable and only showroom you need to visit

UR Kitchen – Provide you with the most thoughtful service

Frequently asked questions

At UR Kitchen and Bath we have the widest range of kitchen and bathroom tiles, sinks, tubs and showers you will find.

Yes, you can modify the order, if you can’t change it, please contact our customer service staff.

1. modification of the order may affect the delivery time.
2., when revising, we will take the current commodity information as the criterion and pay attention to the activity information when revising.
3., due to the fast production of orders, there may be some unsuccessful modifications.

Different goods, according to different circumstances, we can deliver the door to you.

The ways of payment are divided into two types:
1. cash on delivery: choose cash on delivery. When the order is delivered, you can choose cash, credit card and cheque to pay for the goods.
2. online payment: choose online payment, please enter “my order”, click “payment”, press prompt.

If you need it, we can install large appliances for you.

Why should you choose us ?

We specialize in kitchen and bathroom products. We have a professional team.
The quality of our service is trustworthy.

Rich experience

We specialize in the production and sale of kitchen and toilet products.

Free consultation

We provide you with free consultation service for product installation and use.

Guarantee quality

Our products are strictly inspected according to the production requirements.

Professional team

We have a professional R & D, production and after-sale team

Reputation first

We guarantee to provide sincere service and guidance to every customer.

Rich in products

We have hundreds of excellent products for you to choose from.

high efficiency

We will reply to your needs and deliver door-to-door service for the first time.

Contact us for a detailed consultation

Purchase process

We look forward to our efforts to bring your approval

Our team takes over everything from concept and concept development to implementation. We believe in tradition and incorporate them into our innovation. All of our projects contain unique artistic images and functional solutions. The customer is the soul of the project.


The customer satisfaction is higher

Working hours

Provide good service with enthusiasm

Happy customers

Works from all over the world are very creative

Fast quotation is required

Please tell us about your business. A UR Kitchen representative will show you our services.。